Match Report 11th April 2011

Our first evening playing two games simultaneously

The 11th April was a while ago now and we have been distracted by many different things, not least two 7 year old boys, so apologies for the delay in getting this post together.

We had a good turnout and after much discussion over the weeks we finally took the plunge and broke the group in two with Gwen leading one and me the other. So at one end Gwen played a game of Stone Age with Crispin and Daniella. A simply brilliant game that I was lucky enough to be given by my Russian

Games in a Pub - Week 4

For Sale - Early in the game
10/4/2011 - New people, new games and lots of laughter

This was the last of the planned events for which the aim had been to raise the awareness of the fun that can be had with modern analogue games amongst non gamers. Not entirely an altruistic motive as I had also hoped to raise the visibility of Imagination Gaming and the work we do with schools and community groups.

The audit shows that we had limited, but increasing, success and that perhaps as one of my favourite quotes goes “No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit then ripen.Epictetus

Army of Frogs - midway through the game
That said last night was by far and away the most successful of the evenings with returnees from the 3rd week bringing new people, who as far as I could tell had never played anything like the games we had available.

Games played during the evening included the very popular Bausack, and Saboteur which the largest of the groups had an absolute riot with. Another group of returnees started with a collaborative game Forbidden Island and then moved on to For Sale, whilst the family that joined us with two young children played Ligretto, Hick Hack and Army of Frogs. This last game has what may appear a childish name but is, as the father soon spotted, like a good Pixar movie not

Match Report 28th March 2011

The evening our legal beagle won Galaxy Trucker by a mile (or is that a light year?)

With Crispin still away in sunny Florida and Ben off sailing around the west coast of the British Isles the turnout was always likely to be small. Strangely Gwen didn't join us as she was working away in her study on a job related issue, only to find the following day she was made redundant – funny old world!

The good news for the games evening however was that Daniella, Natalie and Malcolm were able to join me the former two both bringing some home made munchies.

Galaxy Trucker (Age 10+, 2-4 players, 60 min playing time)
Artwork from the Galaxy Trucker box
With a pile of games to choose from in the corner of the room the group elected to have a go at Galaxy Trucker (a game Gwen gave me for Christmas and that I had tried out with Ben and Alex one evening the previous week). Given the name I was asked by at least two of the players if this was going to be anything like Race for The Galaxy, to which I said no and they then went ‘well