Match Report 13th February 2012

Good games and unusual munchies!

Last Monday night’s gathering saw a good turnout with regulars Crispin, Daniella, Gwen, Natalie, Leonie and Ben and Thomas joining our Monday group for the first time; again we were blessed with lots of munchies, courtesy of Natalie and Daniella, including some very unusual munchies, but more of that later.
Stone Age - The players
The games choices seemed simple on this occasion Crispin and Daniella were happy to give Stone Age another run out with Gwen and Leonie whilst Ben and I were keen to try Pandemic, a game I had played a couple of times before and was due to demonstrate to the Education team at CAFOD the next day; Natalie and Thomas made up the 4 for Pandemic.

News Update - Zoch Sponsorship + Video's

Following discussion with Zoch and our enthusiasm for their family games they have agreed to sponsor this blog and an interview with their co-founder and managing director, Albrecht Werstein, will follow in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time fans of Zoch games may be interested in a series of video demonstrations recorded at the Nurnberg Toy Fair earlier this month by the guys at BoardGameGeek

Review – Tante Trudels Trodel

2 – 4 Players, Aged 7+ with a 15 - 20 minute playing time

A review copy of Tante Trudel’s Trodel designed by Steffen Bogen was kindly provided  German publisher Zoch GmbH.
Tante Trudels Trodel - The box artwork
The theme of the game is you are shopping in Aunty Trudel’s Junk Shop and today she has come up with a very special offer. One person gets their shopping for free! All the lucky person has to do is fill their basket with junk that weighs less than Aunty Trudel’s basket of junk, BUT more than any other player’s basket. 

What follows is an overview of the game broken down into 5 sections: The Game ComponentsSetting Up The GameHow To Play The GameWhat Did We Think? and finally Who Do We Think Will Like It?. So if you don't want to read the whole review scan down to the heading that interests you.

Games in a Pub - 29th January 2012

Some strange bean farming, a magical city and a pacific island 
Bohanza - A Green Bean Card, that is a little sick!

With only 5 people it was not a large turnout, but it was enough to play one our Monday night favourites, Bohnanza. We haven’t managed to get this to the table before on our pub nights and having played Space Beans at our last pub meeting I thought why not try another bean based game. Bohnanza is a simple card game on the theme (loosely) of farming. Each player has an imaginary 2 fields within which to plant their beans and a mixed hand of bean cards. The unusual thing about this game is that you cannot re-arrange your hand of cards, you must play them in the order they are dealt. Given that the aim is to get as many beans of one type in your fields the trick is to trade unwanted cards with other players maybe even give them away – if other players will take them. Bohnanza is not a game for those backward in coming forward as you need to be both vocal and creative in the deals you suggest.