Match Report 13th February 2012

Good games and unusual munchies!

Last Monday night’s gathering saw a good turnout with regulars Crispin, Daniella, Gwen, Natalie, Leonie and Ben and Thomas joining our Monday group for the first time; again we were blessed with lots of munchies, courtesy of Natalie and Daniella, including some very unusual munchies, but more of that later.
Stone Age - The players
The games choices seemed simple on this occasion Crispin and Daniella were happy to give Stone Age another run out with Gwen and Leonie whilst Ben and I were keen to try Pandemic, a game I had played a couple of times before and was due to demonstrate to the Education team at CAFOD the next day; Natalie and Thomas made up the 4 for Pandemic.

Pandemic - The board and components
Crispin triumphed at Stone Age – beating Gwen by a very narrow margin, with Leonie (who had never played before) coming in not that far behind either of them.

At the other end of the table we set about saving the world, an easy task for such a talented group.... you would think!
Pandemic - The players worrying about the continuing spread of viruses, although we were feeling hopeful at this point!
Pandemic is a collaborative game that casts each player in the role of a professional involved in the global fight against virus, epidemics and most importantly pandemics – The Research, Dispatcher, Scientist, Medic or the Operations Expert. Each role has a different expertise / unique strength. Unlike some collaborative games there are no traitors and victory goes to whole team or none. Although the theme may sound a little dry it definitely got the thumbs up from all the players; for Tom although he has now played a number of light games it was his first experience of a more thoughtful game and he enjoyed it every bit as much as our regulars Ben and Natalie.

Sadly for all our efforts we lost!
So with a break in play it was time for coffee and munchies. Natalie delights in baking and regular followers of the blog will have seen some of her wonderful creations over the months. However this was a first, pancetta and chocolate muffins with a sprinkling of salt! Initially I thought she had said panettone and chocolate but no I was doing man-listening again and hearing what I wanted to hear. Her creations normally receive a unanimous thumbs up but these were the Marmite of muffins so to speak, several around the table were raving about them and commending her for her best effort yet (Gwen and Ben likening them to the hotel Chocolat salted caramels) whilst sadly on this occasion they didn't work for me and since there was at least one other person whose response was lukewarm this was obviously not completely down to a lack of good taste on my part.
Whilst munchies and coffees were being prepared by yours truly Stone Age continued at the other end of the table the remaining group of three played a quick game of Giestesblitz described in more detail here. This is a game that I personally enjoy watching more than playing (I am truly rubbish at it).
Geistesblitz - This time it is the red chair and Ben is just about to grab it
With coffees consumed we had 15 mins left, just long enough time for the excellent game - Hey! That’s My Fish game. As ever Ben tried to eat the fish I saw as mine and isolate my penguins however on this occasion I finished slightly ahead of him but to no avail as we were both lagging behind Thomas and Natalie in first place.
Hey! That's My Fish - The game board and components

More photo's from the evening can be seen here.

If you would like to try some of the games talked about on this blog come along to our next event at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough is in two weeks time on Sunday 4th March starting at 7pm - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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