Games in a Pub - 21st August 2011

People find us by accident but stay and have a lot of fun
Hey! That's my fish - The players of this simple but fun game

Another good turn out and a number of new games played. But first let me mention our new gamers Sophie and her friends.

Quixo - Naughts and crosses / connect 5We have been trying for months now to entice some of the Blue Anchor Quiz Night attendees to join us on the alternate Sundays from the Quiz. Until last Sunday we had had no luck, in spite of Damian (the landlord) making regular announcements at the quiz evenings and having posters up around the pub. Our logic was that people that like coming out on a Sunday to play a quiz with friends might equally enjoy playing games with those same friends after all isn’t a quiz a game? Well this Sunday we finally got lucky and

Match Report 17th August 2011

Our biggest crowd yet and 11 games in one evening!

Nottingham - Two of the players consider their options, with the players of Bohnanza in the background
Although we continue to miss some of our regulars, away on holiday or studying for re-takes, we had a record turn out with 12 people (13 if you count a little friend who is staying with us and played two very quick games at the beginning of the evening). We welcomed Chris and Sinead for their first visit plus Daniella, Leonie, Crispin, Effie, Liza, Ben, Claire, Brian and obviously the lovely Gwen.

Other things of note were that we had four family groups (parent and child or husband and wife) and again the majority were ladies not men, 8 to 4.

With so many people and two of the number professing to being very tired (one because of a health issue and the other youthful excess) picking the right games that would work for everybody was always going to be a challenge.

The Box artwork for Pinguin PartyWe even prepared an extra table in case we split into three games, but in the end although we played 7 different games, 2 of them twice and 1 three times we managed to keep it all around one table – cosy!

The evening started with the early arrivals being lured into a couple of quick games of Pinguin Party with one of our great nephews before he headed off to bed. A simple card game with some really vibrant and amusing images of penguins where players seek to get rid of all their cards as they all collaborate in building a penguin pyramid, something penguins obviously specialise in!
Hey! That's my fish - The players are running out of ice flow!

Hey! That's my fish - Some of the penguin figures and ice flow cards
As more people arrived they were convinced, doubtfully at first, to play

Games in a Pub - 10th August 2011

More new faces and much laughter
Castle Panic - Six Heroe's defending the castle

Another Sunday evening of games at the Blue Anchor and yet more new faces. Although I have said more than once in the past that this pastime really is not a geek thing the fact that our five new faces (including our first journalist so keep an eye out for the next Crowborough Directory) were all ladies maybe goes some way to supporting this contention!

It is never easy to judge numbers or be sure how many will actually turn up on the night so with five people ready Gwen

Match Report 1st August 2011

Unexpected happenings, not a geek thing at all
The delicious Lemon and Poppy Seed cake baked by Ruth

Let me start this week’s reports with the most important bit – munchies!?

Regular followers of my Match Reports will know that we have a number of regular attendees – Natalie, Daniella and Crispin – who when they have time bake some awesome munchies for us to enjoy during our evening of games. Well to this list add two more names and neither were able to join us!

Gwen and I were busying ourselves about the house at 6:45 conscious that we had 15 mins before people started arriving when there was a ring at the door bell; we looked at each other quizzically wondering who this could be – we don’t normally have people turn up early although sometimes people turn up on the wrong week, but more of that later. Opening the door there was