Games in a Pub - 10th August 2011

More new faces and much laughter
Castle Panic - Six Heroe's defending the castle

Another Sunday evening of games at the Blue Anchor and yet more new faces. Although I have said more than once in the past that this pastime really is not a geek thing the fact that our five new faces (including our first journalist so keep an eye out for the next Crowborough Directory) were all ladies maybe goes some way to supporting this contention!

It is never easy to judge numbers or be sure how many will actually turn up on the night so with five people ready Gwen
led the initial group in a game of Abandon Ship.

Abandon Ship  (Age 5+, 3-7 players 30+ minutes playing time)
Abandon Ship is a daft game with the theme of a group of seven rats trying to escape from the bilges of a very big ship by racing up through the decks to escape the surging waters drawing the ship down to a watery grave. However woe betides the first rat on deck as they are sure to be trampled by the terrified passengers!

An unusual game in as much as each player is secretly responsible for three different coloured rats and each rat will have a number of owners and so you find your rats at times being moved up through the decks by other players whilst at alternate moments they may be being moved down towards a watery grave by less helpful players! It’s another amusing and light hearted game but one which introduces a different set of dynamics to our other games.

This was followed by Castle Panic and then at the request of a couple of the players Trans Europa (a game that is proving very popular with our groups at the moment).

Shortly after they started Abandon Ship 5 more people turned up and as they were largely people who had never encountered any of our games before and we started with the ever popular Bausack.
Bausack - The players considering 'where should I place the next piece?'

This we followed with For Sale

For Sale  (Age 8+, 2-6 players 20+ minutes playing time)
For Sale is a quick, fun card game, with some vibrant and at times amusing artwork, themed around the buying and selling of property. The properties available are on every point of the value spectrum, from a Card Board Box to a Space Station. During the game's two distinct phases players first acquire an equal number of the properties available through a bidding mechanism, then, after all properties have been bought, sell them for the greatest possible profit. An objective that Liza managed most successfully, thereby winning the game.

Our concluding game of the evening was another one of our popular regulars Saboteur. This is another light hearted game which sets players against each other, but with each player having a concealed identity you can never be entirely sure who the bad guys (Saboteur’s) are. When the gold was finally counted Liza emerged as the winner of her second game of the night.
Saboteur - Some of the players

After everybody had left Damian the landlord commented how much laughter had been emanating from our groups throughout the evening and how great it was to see people enjoying themselves so much, and we raised some money (£11, not much but it all helps) for the World in Need Drought Appeal (drop into Cafe Baskerville in Crowborough this week to see an exhibition of paintings from World in Need's day care centre in Kabul). Thanks to everybody that came along.

Our next Social Games evening with game at the Blue Anchor  is on 21st August 2011 anytime after 7pm further details can be found on our Facebook page here.

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