Match Report 6th December 2010

With Gwen’s injury forcing her to work from home she joined us for the first time in ages, plus Ben now back from Greece for the winter, Alex with a month off from the joys of flying and old favourites Crispin and Ian. Sadly Daniella was suffering with a bad back and Malcolm had an outbreak of male pattern forgetfulness remembering at 9pm where he had planned to be that evening!

We managed three games with another run out of Hick Hack to start (a game where the foxes eat the farm birds trying to eat the best feed – it’s silly but great fun) , this was won by Ben shortly after saying how badly he was doing!

The players in a game of Dominion considering their next action
We then moved onto Dominion which was unfortunately hindered on this occasion by an incorrect interpretation of the rules – my fault. However it was a pleasant surprise that Gwen was enthusiastic about this game and thought that it compared well with Fresco, a game I thought she would prefer. Somewhere along the way we managed to squeeze in some chocolate panatone as the munchies for this evening, sorry no photo’s.


The picture doesn't show the tension on the players face and the quivering hand as he tries to place the next object in a game of Bausack
Then to the last quick game that was so much fun we played it twice overrunning our normal ending time. Bausack is a gem of a game with rules for 4 different ways of using the 90 odd wooden pieces, all with the general aim of building towers and gaining points for their either their height or instability! However as at least 50% of the wooden pieces are blatantly
undesirable given the object of the game. This inevitably leads to much hilarity, as players try to find creative ways of using components that will impede the next player’s attempt to extend the tower further (the variant of the game we were playing meant you gained a point if the next player knocked over the tower). I will leave the pictures to give a sense of the tension and fun this game offers.
Playing a game of Bausack
Why would you try and put an egg on top of a pinnacle?!!!
Playing a game of Bausack
Precision is called for as another absurd object is placed on an amazing tower 
Playing a game of Bausack
Crispin looks on in amazment at the tower
Playing a game of Bausack
I struggle to place another object where the base is a pyramid - a silly game!!!
Playing a game of Bausack
Yet more objects placed on a pyramid
Playing a game of Bausack
Alex has nearly done it but laughter doesn't help with a steady hand
Playing a game of Bausack
You have got to be kidding, particularly as it's my go next!!!!!!

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