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thru-the-portal has just published its fourth FREE issue targeted at social gamers in their many forms. Articles that may be of interest include:
  • 'Teenagers can play board games' an article from a New Zealand teenager following a trip to a friends party (pages 22 and 23);
  • 'Bringing Games Back into the Community' an article by little old me (page 36);
  • Christmas goodies! (page 37)
plus reviews of:
  • Totemo (one of the games I picked up at Essen);
  • Bohnanza (a game we have played a lot in our group this year);
  • Super Farmer (originally created in 1943 this is a re-working that receives high praise particularly if you have younger children)
  • and lastly Dixit (a game that I love but has received very mixed reactions from our group).
Needless to say there is much more in the latest issue of thru-the-portal

If you are asking yourself why I am promoting it so much well it is a work of love for Neil and Laura that is trying to raise the visibility of social gaming - something I fully endorse. Have a read, it may not be entirely to your taste but I am sure there will be something to interest you in it.

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