Match Report 31st January 2011

Given my absence Ben kindly undertook to write this week’s match report whilst I believe Crispin was in charge of the camera, hmmm!

Well here we go a slightly over due (hence the rather sketchy recollection) match report for 31st January 2011 [editorial comment - Ben actually wrote it on the 8th February but I have been a little busy with other things] and it was definitely a different session as we were left without our glorious leader Kevin!

So that meant that our hostess for the evening was Gwen and we had the company of Matt, Daniella, Crispin, Malcolm (whose 60th birthday was a few days prior and who kindly brought the yummy chocolate cake for the evening munchies!) and myself and we leapt into the unknown with a game of David and Goliath (well I say we, I actually arrived late and so didn’t really see much of this one!).

From what I seemed to remember it included collecting cards emblazed with mice with different colours and values but it was also a game of hand management because depending on the amount of cards you had depended on what they scored (if you had 3 or more of one colour, instead of counting the values on the cards, which could be quite high, you were awarded points on the quantity of cards you had)

[editorial comment – David and Goliath is a trick taking game where the looser (David) gets the highest value card and the winner (Goliath) gets all the rest – the trick being that if at the end of the game you only have one or two cards of a given colour you score their face value, which can be quiet high whilst if you have more than two of a colour you count only 1 point per card]

I'm afraid I cannot remember who actually won this game (although it may well have been Matt) so if you think you know the answer, please write it on the back of a postcard and bring it to the next meeting.

Dominion - Some of the players
Next up was Dominion, becoming a favourite amongst the plethora of games at our disposal and to mix it up, we played with the ‘big money’ set of cards which, as you can imagine involves a lot more money!

Several Bureaucrats and Adventurers later and it emerged that Matt was indeed a winner of another game! From what I gather, he is becoming a formidable force to be reckoned with and is very eager to challenge Ian; tickets for this event will be on sale nearer the time.

Dominion - Some of the players
It was at this point that we realised that we had forgotten to take some photos of the evening as directed by the afore mentioned glorious leader! Not wishing to disappoint the camera was broken out (same time as the cakes!) and much silliness ensued.

Dominion - It can do funny things to you!
Dominion - It can do funny things to you!

Dominion - It can do funny things to you!Dominion - It can do funny things to you!

Once order had been restored, we rounded off the evening with a game of Hick Hack. An epic struggle between the foxes and chickens ensued and it’s fair to say that once again I cannot remember the results so phone lines will be open after the break and calls cost £4.50 a minute and it's already rigged so it really doesn't matter!

It was also at this point that Kevin arrived back after touting for more business and ironically with his arrival  we all finished our game and went home!

Well there we have it, a rather patchy and incoherent report on last week’s misdemeanour's. You shall be pleased to hear that normal service will resume next week as Kevin shall be once again be firmly holding the reins.

I shall try to be on time next week but if I don’t, I shall just borrow the punctuality figures one of the rail companies to avoid any further embarrassment!

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