Match Report 28th July 2010

With plans advancing for our first “Social Afternoon With Games” (Monday 2nd August 2pm ‘til 5pm in St Mary’s parish hall) it was time for a quick planning session with some of our evening gamers who have offered their support (and were available) plus two younger supporters of this exercise.

With the planning done we inevitably thought it a good idea to have a game or two or indeed four, albeit none were very heavy or serious.

Straw (Age 6+, 2-6 players 30 minutes playing time)
The Straw box artwork
We started with Straw, a new addition and filler type game which has beautiful cards on very good quality card. The idea being to place objects on the camels back without breaking it. Each object has a positive or negative (if a magical object) weight with some cards altering the direction of play, typically when you least want it. The looser of a round is the person that
ultimately breaks the camels back (takes the weight of objects over 50) with all other players scoring the value of cards left in their hands. With a number of other subtleties not explained here all agreed this to be an excellent little game, even if it was won by Ian!

For parents looking for something to help their children with mental arithmetic this is would be a really fun way of helping them.

Saboteur and Others
Players watch as the tunnel is caved in
Other games played on this occasion included Flux (I still don’t get this game and we did eventually abandoned it, although I think the rest of the players would like to give it one more go) Kleine Fische (a good game described elsewhere) which I managed to win (no doubt because it was the simplest game of the evening) and by popular demand Saboteur. This was won by Daniella and was notable because one of our young friends was on the receiving end of dire threats simultaneously from Crispin (who suspected him to be a saboteur) and Ian (a co-saboteur) who was not happy with our young friend’s efforts to stop the gold diggers! Another very amusing run out of this game.

A close up of the cave in card being played!
What follows is the notice for our inaugural Social Afternoon, with games on Monday 2nd August 2010, 2pm till 5pm. If you know somebody who might be interested then please let them know about it.

Social Afternoon, with games
Bored with those long hot summer days? Why not come along to the first St Mary’s (Catholic Church, Crowborough East Sussex) social afternoon? Have a laugh, meet new people from within the parish and maybe even play some games.

With the start of the summer holidays we are going to try running a pilot starting on Monday 2nd August from 2pm till 5pm in the parish hall.

We will provide over 20 games (both card and board) for you to try on the first meeting and have many more beyond that. If you are nervous of playing these then why not bring along your favourite game, crib, Mah-jong, Scrabble etc and teach some others to play it and because it is primarily a social event you could always just come along and watch.

So if you are aged from 8 to 88, male or female we look forward to seeing you for a FUN afternoon. No previous experience or technical knowledge is required and if English isn’t your first language don’t worry you can still have lots of fun. The only games banned are Monopoly and Games Workshop; curious then come along and we will explain why.

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