A fun filled family weekend

The winning piece being placed in a game of Bausack
As our nephew and his family (which includes two 6 year old boys) left us on Sunday night I was surprised to realise that over the course of four days we had played 12 different games, a number several times over. I know I am a keen advocate of modern games but even I would never have dreamt that we would play so many in such a short period of time. Yes, it rained during their stay but we did many other things during their visit, including a mountain bike ride involving lots of muddy puddles, a trip to Brighton and a pre-Halloween party, however the other notable things were:
  • the boys arrived wanting to play games - Uncle Kevin’s place equates to games unlimited to them;
  • the TV only got turned on three times and in each case to watch a DVD;
  • that the little boys didn’t ask to play with technology games;
  • they asked for some games that surprised us - Take It Easy being one example;
  • they were very good at games we had felt that they would struggle at - Bausack and Take It Easy being examples;
  • none of the games played are available from normal high street shops so are largely unknown to most people.
It is safe to say they left with many ideas for Christmas presents.

If you would like to see what games we did play then click here.

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