Games in a Pub - Week 6

I fear the writing is on the wall!
Dominion - Three players with two ringers!

We had a great night – all three of us (no wife this time as she was ill)! We played three games of Dominion, mentioned on previous posts and requested by Oliver who had enjoyed it on the previous occasion he joined us.

The games became increasingly interactive with the last game having a full range of attacks available to the players (depending on the cards 10 Kingdom cards selected for a game of Dominion, it can range from quite sedate to
vicious), from the Militia reducing your hand of cards, the Thief stealing your cards, the Spy messing your hand up and the Bureaucrat doing what bureaucrat do of lining their pocket whilst handicapping the rest of the players. All of this was done with increasing laughter and good spirits.

Dominion - Some of the attack cards

The results of the 3 games – I won the first, the second was drawn between Oliver and Michael and the third was won (by a significant margin of 20 points) by Michael who seized, and largely held, the moral high ground - unlike Oliver and I who resorted to all sorts of skulduggery and shenanigans. A clear message to us all that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ or as Michael with his rugby background put it ‘get your defence sorted first’, which he had done through the use of plenty of Moat cards. 

Dominion - The Moat card

Disappointingly, in spite of the two ringers in the photo, we had only three people for the whole evening. Sadly the continuing efforts of Damian (the owner of the Blue Anchor) to talk too many of those who come through his doors about our evenings or mine in the world of the internet have resulted so far in no significant level of engagement in the community.

Two more Sunday to go in the current series 29th May and 11th June both at 7pm.

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