Match Report - 30th July 2012

All about games - Olympic or board!

As the group gathered it was no surprise that conversation turned to the Olympics both the highs and lows of Team GB so far, and what all agreed was a brilliant opening ceremony with Mr Bean’s contribution being one of the favourite moments for many.
The players

Selecting the games was eventually achieved with Daniella suggesting Dominion at one end of the table whilst Crispin fancied having a go at Tobago. With Daniella and Malcolm teaching Karen Dominion, the game I was also playing, whilst I kept half an eye on Ruth, Crispin and Natalie as they worked out how to play Tobago. It will surprise none of our regular readers that Daniella won Dominion a game we have played a over 40 times since I bought it at Essen in 2010, but one that somehow Natalie has never played!
Dominion - The players
Anyway whilst I struggled to focus on Dominion Ruth was distinctly unimpressed with Tobago, and whilst Crispin and Natalie were not enthusing they were nevertheless more positively disposed towards the game. 
Tobago - The board and components
However all of a sudden the penny seemed to drop and their game picked up in pace and level of enthusiasm. Natalie emerged the winner with all players saying they would give it another go now they understood how the game worked. Damming with faint praise – Natalie said that it definitely wasn’t her worst game and them mentioned Stone Age (one of Gwen’s and my favourites) as a contender for this. Given that I will be writing a review of this game in due course I for one would be very interested in how they react to the game on a second outing.
Army of Frogs - The players and the blue frogs are one step away from winning
Whilst Tobago continued at the other end of the table we moved onto Army of Frogs, a game by John Yanni the British designer behind the more well known game Hive (a review of which I will be publishing yesterday). Somehow in spite of the combined efforts of the other 3 players I managed to emerge triumphant with a narrow victory.

It was time for coffees and the delicious munchies provided on this occasion by Crispin (a deliciously moist lemon drizzle cake), Natalie (blondies) and Karen (chocolate cookies).
Next game up, no surprises here, was Saboteur 2. This has proven very popular with the group over the last few meetings to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if we start with it next time! In the end the dwarves (all except the saboteurs) found the gold and through deft placement of the thief Malcolm emerged as the overall winner. The saboteurs had suffered from a little bit of in fighting with Ruth and myself attacking each other in a fit of confusion – oh well.
Saboteur 2 - Daniella lays the last part of the path to find the gold

More photo's from the evening can be seen here.

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