Games in A Pub - 28th October 2012

It was half term for the local schools and close to Halloween so it was great to welcome a couple of young friends, including a wizard!
Roborally - The players
The larger element of the group embarked on the traumatic game of RoboRally. More than once I looked across having heard hoots of laughter to see somebody with the head in their hands. A feeling I can immediately recognise from playing this game. I find playing it more than twice a year leaves me feeling I need to see to a counsellor or psychotherapist. Victory eventually went to Oliver however, I can only hope I won’t receive claims for damages from those who at times struggled to reconcile the enjoyment with the chaos and difficulty of getting their robots to complete the simplest of tasks!
RoboRally - Martin head in hands as he struggles to direct his robot an experience I am very familiar with!

Stephne, Gwen and I headed off into the world of Goblins Inc where crazy teams of goblins (the players) build robots to compete in some weird combat with the robots built by another team of goblins. This has many similarities to Galaxy Trucker.
Goblins Inc - The players
This game intrigued me in that ideally it is played with 4 players who work in pairs as a team potentially with very different possibly even conflicting objectives. Once the combat phase of the round is complete the teams of players are reset i.e. you work with another person to a whole new set of objectives. This aspect seemed to me to be a new gaming mechanic and one that lent itself to the fun / social games our various groups seem to enjoy.
Goblins Inc - The robots have reached the combat phase of the game
Gwen whilst not loving the game gave it a cautious thumbs up which given this is not her preferred theme or style of game is verging on a ringing endorsement. The game is ideally played with four and we had only three so it is perhaps not surprising that Stephene was also cautious in his views on the game. Hopefully it will get a run out at our next evening with the optimum number.
Article 27: The UN Security Council Game - The players
With Simon and his family leaving our final game of the evening saw the two groups coming together for a game of Article 27: The UN Security Council Game. This is described in brief in my Essen post and I think may well prove to be the most popular game from Essen. It will not suit everyone as not everyone wants a game with a lot of negotiation and horse trading but it certainly works for me! With time short we only played 4 of the possible 6 rounds, with victory went to Stephene but two people had not had a chance to take the Secretary General’s role which frequently brings in many victory points.
Article 27: The UN Security Council Game - The central board and player boards
In the closing moments of the evening Stephene agreed to paint the wheels from Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calender. As he is an outstanding painter I am really looking forward to seeing what magic he can work. To see examples of his work check out his blog Dr Willet's Workshop.
Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - The central wheel

More photo's of the evening can be seen here.

Our next event at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough is in two weeks time on Sunday 11th November starting at 7.00pm - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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