Match Report - 3rd December 2012

A big turnout, 2 award winning games and lots of munchies
Munchie time!
Six of us started the evening with one of the group’s favourite fillers, Hick Hack. Although in this case it was being played with Karen, Brian and Claire who had never encountered this amusing family game where the farmyard birds try to eat as much feed as possible whilst avoiding the unwelcome attentions of the local fox population. During this game Natalie and Daniella arrived and we thought the group was complete, and then there was a ring on the doorbell and Alex unexpectedly joined us. As the group settled down with Dominion at one end (Brian, Daniella, Alex and Natalie) and 7 Wonders at the other end the door bell rang again (I was beginning to feel like Bilbo (in The Hobbit) at this point and there was Ben.

Dominion - The Players
These are two excellent games that have been played many times before by various members of the group although not all. The verdict was an enthusiastic thumbs up from those who were encountering them for the first time, with in all cases “I would like to play them again”. Crispin won 7 Wonders narrowly ahead of Karen (the first time she had played it).
7 Wonders - The players
It must be said that whilst with such a large group you might have expected more games however it was one of the most conversational evening we have had in a long time, Malcolm’s engagement, Alex’s new job, the return of a number to the group and discussions about Natalie’s exciting new job. On the munchies front we were overflowing (probably a mixed metaphor) Crispin had brought doughnuts, Karen a carrot cake and I had loads of munchies left from the weekend of gaming all of which made for a very convivial evening.
7 Wonders - The cards & player boards
More photo's of the evening can be seen here.

If you would like to try some of the games talked about on this blog come along to our next evening at the Crow and Gate (please note note NOT the Blue Anchor), Crowborough is in two weeks time on Sunday 9th December starting at 7.00pm - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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