Review – Geistesblitz 2.0

2 to 8 Players, Aged 8 with a 30 minute playing time 
Geistesblitz 2.0 - The box artwork
Gesitesblitz 2.0 designed by Jacques Zeimet was kindly provided for review by our friends at Zoch Verlag.

In Geistesblitz 2.0 –we meet the ‘ghostess’ (and 4 new objects) a friend of Balduin the ghost in Geistesblitz and this new game is essentially a re-working of the original. It is styled as ‘an independent game’ playable without the original but that can be combined with the original, in my view for unnecessary pain!

Given the similarities to the original Geistesblitz this review will build on my first review and seek to highlight the differences rather than go through the whole game again, although it will follow my standard approach.

What follows is an overview of the game broken down into 5 sections: The Game Components, Setting Up The Game, How To Play The Game, What Did We Think? and finally Who Do We Think Will Like It. So if you don't want to read the whole review scan down to the heading that interests you.

The Game Components
A red towel (looking suspiciously like the rugs in Marrakech, a green frog, a blue brush and a grey bath tub plus obviously the ‘ghostess’; a lady ghost whose impressive false eyelashes and cupid’s bow lips clearly are intended to convey femininity!
Geistesblitz 2.0 - The objects
A new deck of cards. 

Setting Up The Game
As per the original

How To Play The Game
The basic rules are unchanged but 3 new optional rules are introduced to increase the pain:

The Talking Frog!
If the card turned-over shows a frog, players shout out the name of the correct item instead of grabbing the item.
Geistesblitz 2.0 - Some of the cards
The Frog Speaks Two Languages!
If the frog or the other item on the card is depicted in its original colour, players shout out the items name in a foreign language.

If neither of the two figures is shown in its original colour, you shout out the name of the item in English, (the same as for ‘The Talking Frog!’ variant).

Obviously before you start playing, you agree on the foreign language in which you will shout out with the rules claim to have the object names in French, German and Italian.

What Has Been Dried Off By The Towel? 
Whenever a towel is depicted on a card, players look for the item in the colour of the towel. If one of the images on the card is a frog, you shout out the name of the correct item, otherwise you grab the item.
Geistesblitz 2.0 - Some of the cards

The rules for incorrect calls and grabs are as before with players only getting one attempt and with players making an incorrect attempt paying a forfeit of a card to the player who was correct. Obviously the winner is the player with the most cards when there are no more cards left.

The Connoisseurs Rules
In addition to the aforementioned variants there is also the possibility for those whom the rules call “connoisseurs” (or I would describe as masochistic fools) of combining the original Geistesblitz with v2.0 – I have no comprehension of why would you want to do this!

Placing the objects from each game in separate circles in the centre of the table and shuffling the cards play proceeds as normal with the possibility of introducing any of the variants above plus that if the if the card shows an item in its original colour, you grab the same colour item in the other room.

What Did We Think?
This is difficult for me as I am absolutely rubbish at this game and therefore struggle in this case to overcome a friend’s view voiced as ‘if I win the game is great and if I loose the game is rubbish’.

Geistesblitz 2.0 is quiet obviously not rubbish as the success of the original has led to the creation of this second version.
Geistesblitz 2.0 - Some of the cards
This game introduces the language element (albeit it would be easy enough to do this with the original) and so pushes the cognitive processes further and harder.

The absolute low point for me with this game was that whilst playing with two young friends (11 and 16) they started waiting for me to work it out! Sadly when I still grabbed the wrong objects they gave up with this tactic and resumed their attempts to beat each other. Suffice to say I got about 5 cards whilst Marcia gained a marginal victory over her older brother .

This game clearly works for some and having persevered I have got much better, if not necessarily good, at it - much as I have with the memory games from Zoch (which initially intimidated me and some of my older friends). This clearly shows the value of such games and the experience of seeing ones ability improve through repeated plays was also noted by one of my games friends who borrowed the original Geistesblitz to play with her family in Scotland over Christmas.

Who Do We Think Will Like It?
This first game has proven incredibly popular with families and gamers (as a filler) alike and it is perhaps not surprising that Zoch have decided to cash in on the success and create a variant on the original game.

Quiet obviously “connoisseurs” of the original will want to get this game, however for most I struggle to see that you will rush out to buy this if you already have the original. As to which game you get it may depend on the attitudes of those you play with. As adults you will probably go for the one you can buy cheapest, whilst if playing with children the feminine “ghostess’’ in Geistesblitz 2.0 may be the deciding factor.

I would suggest that any parent who enjoys playing games with their offspring should consider this quick and challenging game. Although I am not sure if the grandparents will thank you if the children bring it out when next you see them!

As a game that tests our cognitive processes, hand eye co-ordination and discernment it is also likely to appeal to professionals working with young people and others who need help developing these skills.

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