Board Game Dates for October

On this coming Saturday 7th October there is GameCamp, a one day event being run as part of the London Games Festival 2010. This consists of:
  • Talks about games design, play and anything else, I would imagine, board game related.
  • The opportunity to play a wide variety of board games.
  • Game hack offers the opportunity to design and test games for the day
  • Munchies 
This could be a really interesting day with many people present from both the video gaming fraternity as well as obviously board gamers. As their web site states "GameCamp is about more than making games: it’s about playing them, thinking about them and how they affect our lives for good or for ill." Further details can be found on the Game Camp web site

Later in the month there is the Spiel 2010 at Essen, four days of the largest games show in Europe. More details can again be found on their web site I have never been to this before but have been told I will be blown away by the scale of the event covering 12 halls and that regularly gets around 200,000 people through the doors!

Then on the 26th October we will be having our next Social Afternoon with Games bringing together young and old from within the Crowborough parish community of St Mary's. It will run from 2pm till 5pm in the church hall.

My experiences at these events will obviously be posted as time permits on this blog.

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