Gaming Dates for February and March 2011

Dates for gaming events in the South East during February and March include:

Epsom Games Club - Game Playing Day
Venue:     Royal British Legion, Federation House, 21 West Street , Epsom, Surrey KT18 7RL
Dates:      Saturday February 19th from 10:15 until 18:00
Charge:    Free
More Information can be found here

Saltdean - Pasteboard and Plastic
Venue:     Saltdean Scout Hut
Dates:      Saturday March 5th. 10:00 am  till midnight, if you wish!
Charge:    £4 with profits going to the Scouts
Facilities:  Dedicated gaming room. Free tea and coffee. Bring your own munchies!
Note:       More info can be found here
This is a small group that meets three times a year at the Saltdean Scout Hut and has a well supported Bring and Buy stand.

Venue:     East Beach Hotel, Eastbourne
Dates:      March 17th,18th,19th,20th 2011. Noon Thursday to Afternoon Sunday.
Charge:    No charge.
Facilities:  Dedicated gaming room and bar. Cakes on tap.
This is a small group that meets twice a year in the basement of the East Beach Hotel and attracts visitors from all over the UK and on occasion Europe. I understand that both BoardgameGuru and Heron Games will be happy to supply the latest games for collection.

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