Social Afternoon with Games - 22nd February 2011

The best way of promoting a games event is word of mouth

Various players during a game at St Mary's
With half term upon us, it was time to break out the games and invite the parish of St Mary's, Crowborough and the surrounding Deanery along for another afternoon of fun and games. This occasion saw 15 joining us with 4 new faces and apologies from a further 5.

Various players during a game at St Mary's
In many senses I think this may have been the most enjoyable one yet with people moving between groups when the games came to an end and a
wide variety of games from the abstract domino game Qwirkle, to the push your luck Indiana Jones themed Incan Gold, the collaborative Castle Panic, where all the players are working together to beat the game – which they did (not an easy thing), to the dwarven mining game Saboteur where players have a concealed role (good or bad), the building game with a distinct edge Bausack and then finally Werewolves of Miller's Hollow which saw everybody come together for one last game in which the two Werewolves (Marcia and Jean) confounded the odds and ate their way through the whole village – boo hiss!

The feed back I received from one of the new faces explains why I believe games are such a great tool for bringing people together:

Various players during a game at St Mary's
“It was such fun and we are telling everyone about it. It was really great to meet so many lovely people too. 

Thanks again for the experience. Let me know when the next one is and I will advertise it again in the St. John's newsletter......although I am not sure that that is very effective....much better word of mouth, I think”.
Various players during a game at St Mary's

I left that final point in, in that I increasingly think that modern games are something that you can talk about, write about even do youtube video’s about but it is only when non-gamers actually sit down and try it that they go ‘oh I see what you were saying’.

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