Games In A Pub – Week 1

27/2/2011- A Quiet Start

Playing Alhambra in the pub
The first of our Social Evening with Games events at the Blue Anchor Crowborough got off to a very quiet start. Whilst the pub had been absolutely buzzing at lunch time our little group made up half (or more) of the clientele for much of the evening. I guess the end of the month, a local wargames event through the day, TV scheduling and the end of half term all contributed to why the pub was so quiet, with its knock on impact onto our event.

Having set up a number of games on the tables within the restaurant area and with no interested takers for games my band of supporters
and I played a game of Alhambra, a game set on the theme of building Moorish palaces, and then Dominion (a simply brilliant card game set on a medieval theme that is best played rather than explained).

Just as the second game of Dominion was about to commence ReoRae (a talented local singer), Simon and Becky turned up looking for a drink and were willing to have a go at a couple of the games we had brought along.

Having never played any of the various games set out they elected to play Qwirkle, a gentle non taxing game which Rae proceeded to win by a mile in spite of claiming that she was "no good at games"!

Players at the end of a game of Straw
Having only popped in for a quick drink but having enjoyed their first game they agreed to have a go at another game Straw which allowed me to bring both groups together for the final game of the evening. Straw is a light hearted game with a vague Arabian Nights theme that offers players the opportunity to drop each other in trouble, although it has a funny habit of backfiring as Simon and Becky found out.

Having advertised the event far and wide it was obviously disappointing that we didn’t attract any thing but passing interest. However looking at things from a more positive perspective people who had no intention of playing a game joined us, played two games they had never heard of before and had a great time.

Our next event will beat the Blue Anchor Crowborough, on the 13th March 2011 any time after 6pm

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