Games In A Pub – Week 2

13/3/2011- It got quieter!
A very quiet Social Evening with Games - Blue Anchor, Crowborough
The second Sunday in our series of 4 events at the Blue Anchor Crowborough was quieter than the first one with sadly nobody other than my supporters pitching up.

It is perhaps difficult to see a positive from the evening but I believe not impossible:

1. Both Damian Cotton (the co – owner of the Blue Anchor) and myself have talked to many people in the intervening two weeks and whilst 10% ish have said ‘I don’t do games’, or something similar, at least 50% have indicated they think it is a good idea and or that they would be interested in coming along and giving it a go. One such person even put his head in to say that he was sorry but his group of 10+ friends
would not be able to come in this Sunday but hoped to come along next time (27th March).

2. Other contacts had clearly indicated they would come along and then something came up at the last moment, whilst yet others had indicated they couldn’t make it yesterday but would be with us on future occasions.

3. Local awareness of the events is going up as an increasing number of retailers in Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells agreed to carry posters advertising our events, plus the local paper carried an add for this event and it has been advertised widely within various relevant on-line communities. Sometimes these seeds just take time to bear fruit.

4. The games are brilliant for adults and families alike, so once discovered have a very wide appeal.

5. Talking to the internet games retailers they are seeing growing demand coming from new buyers of games, people who have played them with family or at a friends house or in pubs and gone ‘wow’ these are really good fun.

6. In the modern world analogue games (as they are sometimes termed) are gaining increasing attention to the point that groups of gamers are expanding their meeting times, in some cases meeting twice a week.

However to start something new in an area sometimes means starting from zero and this is never easy!

When talking about board games people often think of the following:

· Monopoly released in 1934

· Cluedo released in 1949

· Risk released 1957

· Dungeon and Dragons released 1974 and the other newer fantasy related games big in the UK

· Trivial Pursuit released 1982

Strike these games from you mind. Our games have very little in common with these games, other than you play them by sitting around a table.

Playing Dominion in the Blue Anchor
Lastly seeing the world as half full not half empty what nicer way to spend a Sunday evening than having a quiet drink with your wife playing some great games and NO TV!

If you are interested the games we played were Rumis (2 games), Dominion (2 games) and Dominion Intrigue (3 games) – Dominion really is an excellent game (Not necessarily our style but if you get past the first minute then this US review gives an idea of how the game works

Our next event at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough is on the 27th March come along anytime after 6pm

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