Games in a Pub - 24th July 2011

Wooden games aren't just for kids!
Bausack - A player placing another improbable piece on an improbable tower

Another very positive turnout saw four very different games being played, two of which would benefit from being videoed rather than described.

We started with Bausack as a light amusing game about building unstable towers with an assortment of wooden blocks. This worked well as more people turned up they could just slip into the game easily and with its daft nature winning was never really particularly important. It was more about the challenge of what absurd shapes could be used by the various players.

With this done we broke into two groups for Dominion. Gwen led the advanced game using
the Dominion Intrigue box whilst I led an introductory game for three people who had never played it before. With so many new players my group was always going to take a little longer as they got used to the mechanics of the game however all said they enjoyed it and would like another crack at it.
Dominion - The players first game

Whilst we finished our game the other group had a quick game of Trans Europe before we all came back together to play Pitch Car.

As different as the first two games were from each other this game heads of in a whole other direction with a racing track where you are challenged to flick a racing car (circular wooden disk) around the track without, turning it over, knocking it off the track, knocking other cars of the track. It’s great fun but sadly no photo’s of the group. This link on Youtube may give an idea of how Pitch Car works plus another game, the classic Pitt.

The next evening is 7th August 2011 anytime after 7pm at the Blue Anchor further details can be found on our Facebook page here.

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