Match Report 4th July 2011

A big turnout and a crowded table

What a great turnout we had on Monday night with 9 people Malcolm, Crispin, Daniella, Joe, Liza, Natalie, Gwen and Ben.

As time is short this will be a very brief report – sorry.
Small Wortld & Galaxy Trucker - A crowded table of games and players

After some table expansion and planning for how we might accommodate 11 (there had been 2 more possible attendees) the games started with the board game Trans Europa at one end of the table, Straw at the other end and Ben eating his
microwave ready meal supper in the middle! TransEuropa concluded in a draw between Gwen and Malcolm and Joe came within a whisker of winning Straw only to be beaten by me – sorry Joe.

Errata to the last match report Crispin asked that the records be corrected, he won TransEuropa not Malcolm - it doesn’t happen often!

With the warm up complete we moved onto the main games of the evening. Joe emerged triumphant in the game of Galaxy Trucker (beating Malcolm, Natalie and Crispin) whilst Daniella won Small World (one of the new acquisitions) by a country mile. With Gwen in second place and Liza in third, it meant that Ben and myself were basically thrashed by the Amazonian skills of the ladies!
Galaxy Trucker - The players

Munchies were provided by Natalie (Mango and passion fruit buns – very nice) and Daniella (home-made short bread – which I declined having spent the weekend over indulging in naughty food). Thank you as ever for your efforts and sorry no food photo’s this week.

It was a great evening although slightly handicapped at times by me acting as tutor / reference point to two games. More photo's can be seen here.

If you are reading this and live in or near Crowborough and fancy giving some of the games a try then why not come along to the Blue Anchor anytime after 7pm this coming Sunday Night 10th July. More details can be seen on the Facebook page here.

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