Match Report 10th October 2011

Games, munchies and is that somebody in a balaclava?!
Cloud 9 - The players

Monday night saw 7 players gather around our table for an evening’s gaming; Ruth making one of her occasional visits (with a big cake), Ben, Daniella, Natalie, Crispin, Gwen (with pins!) and yours truly.

We started with a quick game of Cloud 9 where players take turns to pilot the balloon (throw the indicated number of dice and discard the appropriate number of coloured cards from their hands) whilst their fellow players try to guess if the next pilot will have the cards available to meet the requirements indicated on the dice. It is simple, light and amusing – a good way to start the evening, although some may have disagreed as I won the game.
Cloud 9 - The board and components

We then moved onto Stone Age with Gwen, Crispin and Daniella at one end of the table and “War on Terror The Board Game” at the other end. Having played Stone Age on the previous Monday the guys were keen to give it another go and Crispin once again showed his mastery of this attractive game through a combination of large population (he now understand you need to send two meeples to the ‘Love shack’ to produce a
third meeple) and lots of tools.
Stone Age - with muchies

At the other end of the table we embarked on the satirical game “War On Terror The Board Game” (a full review of which can be read here), a game that comes, uniquely, with a black balaclava embellished with the word “EVIL” in large red letters. There was much chuckling as the game progressed and various cards were added to our hands (a full review of the game can be found here). Suffice to say that Ben turned terrorist and donned the balaclava for a while (it is very small and uncomfortable). The verdict was that it was a fun game, maybe more tactical than their preferred games but they would definitely be willing to give it another go.
War On Terror The Board Game - Ben turns to the dark side!

Our break for coffee allowed us to consume the wonderful offerings Ruth and Natalie had prepared.

More photos from the evening can be seen here.

If you would like to try some of the games mentioned in this post or indeed any of the others on this blog then why not come along to our next Social Evening with Game at the Blue Anchor on 16th October at 7pm. More details can be seen on our Facebook page ‘Social Gamers – Crowborough’.

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