Match Report – 9th January 2012

Welcome to the New Year
A New Year offering of Munchies!
I had been unsure of when we would be able to get together and only confirmed this meeting the night before so it was tremendously encouraging that so many of our regulars where able to join us and Natalie somehow with under 24 hours notice also managed to bake some of her lovely apricot munchies.

Joining Natalie was Crispin, Malcolm (shortly heading off to Africa for four weeks on what sounds like a very exciting trip), Ben and obviously my long suffering wife!

Our first game in the 10 mins whilst waiting for Natalie to join us was the simple Fuchs and Fertig. This is a game that in the past Crispin has performed particularly badly at but he started well in 2012 only to sadly fall away as the game progressed and let Malcolm win. As the others steadily got rid of their cards I didn’t which left me feeling under pressure to remember longer sequences of my cards and whilst I was good to five the sixth card always caught me out and so I kept all of my original cards (I could blame poor health, man-flu is after an awful affliction) but I guess the first lessons of 2012 was don’t push your luck too far and learn from your mistakes!!
With 6 players now sitting around the table we briefly entertained the notion of playing Panic Station for the first time (not briefly enough in the view of most) before moving onto one of our oldest games LandLord. Whilst it said 6 players on the box this was also a mistake as it works well at 4 players but 6 is just too many – second lesson of 2012, games generally work best with less than the upper limit specified on the box. This game saw a lot less bombing and pinching of tenants than most previous games and to the chagrin of the others I won, despite the aforementioned man-flu.
Landlord - The players
Natalie’s medicinal munchies and coffee, along with Crispin’s excellent Christmas Cake and chocs saw the blood sugar go up along no doubt with the cholesterol!
Jaipur - The players, amongst the debris
Crispin and Gwen resumed after the break with one of my Christmas presents Jaipur. Unusual for our games evenings this was a two player trading game, with a distinctly Eastern theme, that saw Crispin triumph over Gwen. Something that I have largely failed to do at this game – amongst so many!

The rest of the group went for a game of Safranito which Malcolm triumphed at before moving onto Hey! That’s My Fish which was convincingly won by Ben after all the players had delighted in isolating my penguins (encouraged I felt by the most angelic of assassins)  leaving them very hungry– oh well it makes them happy!
Hey! That's My Fish - The board and penguins
So a slightly shortened evening (man-flu meant my bed beckoned) for our first meeting of 2012 but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite slightly mixed success with the choice of games.
The innocent smile of a killer strategist!
More photos from the evening can be seen here.

If you would like to try some of the games mentioned in this post or indeed any of the others on this blog then why not come along to our next Social Evening with Game at the Blue Anchor on 15th January at 7pm. More details can be seen on our Facebook page ‘Social Gamers – Crowborough’.

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