Mini Review - Fuchs and Fertig

2 to 5 players, Ages 6+, 10+ Minute Playing time
A review copy of Fuchs and Fertig was kindly provided by the publishers Zoch GmbH.
The box lid for Furchs and Fertig
This is a short fun game that will delight adults (families) and children alike, although it can also be very frustrating. Described by one of our games team as something she could imagine even the most unlikely games player playing, Fuchs and Fertig would be a great game for family gatherings over Christmas. It is quick to explain, has fast play, is funny and whatever end of the age spectrum you are everybody will have an equal chance of winning. Plus it would be pretty funny to watch as well.

The game has 61 cards each with one of 7 very different sized animals on it plus a banner across the top of the card that shows the size of each animal relative to the others.
Some of the cards from Furchs and Fertig

The cards are shuffled and then each player is dealt 12 cards face down. The players may not look at the cards but leave them in a pile in front of them.

The dealer places the remaining cards in the centre of the table and turns over the top most card showing one of the 7 animals.

The first player now has to guess what their topmost card is relative to the one in the centre of the table. Does their card depict an animal that is 'smaller', 'larger' or 'the same size'?
Some of the cards from Furchs and Fertig

If they guess correctly then they may have another go but this time guessing if the next animal will be smaller, larger or the same size as the animal on the card they have just turned over.

If they guess correctly they can have another go if they get it wrong then they place all the cards they have turned over face down at the bottom of their 12 cards and play passes to the next player.

A card from Furchs and Fertig
Essentially this is a push your luck game where fortune can favour the risk taker but invariably they come unstuck. A situation that occurred repeatedly in our games; you have turned over 3 or 4 cards and your last animal was the bear or the ant and you think ‘the next animal must be smaller or larger’ only to turn over another animal of the same type to howls of pain and glee from the other players. It may be simple but it is great fun.

The memory element comes in as the game progresses and your deck of cards is slowly reduced and you start cycling through them repeatedly. Having seen them once can you remember what comes next?!
You got it wrong last time so surely you will get it right this time! But when you don't you just can't help but laugh

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