Match Report 26th March 2011

A boisterous evening with 3 very different games
Munchies and games!

With 5 minutes to go till 7pm we had received only one email to say Natalie would be joining us and 1 phone call from Ben to say he wouldn’t. It looked like it was going to be a very quiet night.

But then the doorbell started ringing and we were suddenly knee deep in gamers. Malcolm, Ruth (for her quarterly fix of games), Daniella, Crispin (a late but very welcome decision to join us, after a hard day sitting reading the paper- retirement is tough!) and of course Natalie.

I am not sure if they had been planning it but they all seemed very jovial and full of witticisms largely at the expense of yours truly! I think the return of Crispin may well have had something to do with this boisterous humour.
7 Wonders - The team prepare themselves for the second age
When it came to the games it was an easy choice to go for 7 Wonders and with a quick explanation of the rules to the two that had not been with us for our last evening, we were soon plunged into the wonders of the ancient world and the building of our various civilisations. With Daniella now knowing the rules her magic was broken (see our last match report) and I felt the threat would come from elsewhere on this occasion. When it came to the scoring Ruth put in a very fine effort nearly pulling off Daniella’s feet of the previous meeting, but luckily for me not quiet.
The Fuchs and Fertig box lid

Then it was time for me to make the coffees and for the rest to have a quick game of Fuchs and Fertig, won by our quarterly visitor. Munchies had been baked once again by Natalie on this occasion cappuccino muffins, plus some chocolate scrummies provided by Malcolm and Ruth.

With Crispin beginning to tire after his mental excursions we were looking for something light and amusing. My suggestions were either Kalimambo or Pictomania. Ruth and Natalie both normally happy to go with the flow were keen supporters of choosing Pictomania. What followed was a very lively game with much abuse being thrown at each other as one or more of us called into question the drawings of our fellow players.
Pictomania - I thought I drew a thumb; others thought it was a toe
My recollection is that I did pretty poorly at this game last time we played it and so it proved again and it will be no surprise to hear that the two ladies came first and second! Had Ruth gained just 3 more points in the first game of the evening she would have managed a clean sweep winning all three games. Hmmm maybe it is just as well she limits her visits to quarterly, we don’t want her getting too good.
Pictomania - Crispin scores the players for guessing his drawing of a Domino set, or rather as he thought a hand of cards!

More photo's from the evening can be seen here.

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