Match Report 21st May 2012

Saboteur 2 - The dwarves return!
Another weekend and this time we had the pleasure of seeing my Godparents and Goddaughter down in sunny Somerset. Not surprisingly we played a few games over the two days and what was so brilliant was to see my 80 year old Godparents leaning how to play Settlers of Catan with their 10 year old granddaughter. Whilst Gwen won it was very, very close with both ends of the age spectrum nearly beating her. This was followed by a couple of games of Army of Frogs.

Monday night and MORE games! We were pleased to welcome a new member of the team, Karen a defector from the pub group and the return of Ruth for one of her occasional visits not to mention all the regulars.
Seeland & 7 Wonders in the background
First up was a game of Seeland, at one end of the table, with Gwen leading the game and ultimately winning it, whilst at the other end we played 7 Wonders with Natalie winning. During the course of the games there was the normal banter and both were enjoyable but I don’t recall anything of special note.
7 Wonders -The players as we enter the 3rd Age
With 7 Wonders complete time for munchies and a quick game of Fuchs and Fertig. This game’s push your luck and memory dynamic continue to amuse us and it was the push your luck element that saw me guess the first 7 cards correctly and instead of sticking just go for one more card! A mistake!!
Fuchs & Fertig - I was so close to getting them all right on the first go - or at least I thought so!
Somehow in spite of my compulsion to take the risky option rather than the safe one, or maybe because of it – and a lot of luck I did eventually win this game.
The box artwork from Saboteur 2
Munchies were kindly provided by Karen (coffee & walnut sponge) and Natalie (chocolate orange muffins) with Malcolm contributing a bottle of wine to the gathering – thanks guys.

It had been an impulse buy on my part when I spotted an expansion to Saboteur, one of our most popular games (read about previous games here), so no surprise I was keen to get this to the table. It was serendipitous that after a number of small turnouts we got 8 for the first evening after I bought a game that will handle up to 12.
Saoboteur 2 - Getting ready to play the game
The expansion imaginatively named, Saboteur 2, adds many more Actions (including Theft, Swap Your Hand, Inspection, Swap Your Hats and Trapped), Path cards (including The Bridge, Path with a Ladder, and Path with a Door) three new character cards (the Boss, Geologist and Profiteer) plus obviously more Saboteurs. However with the additional Path cards it changes the nature of the game somewhat in that now there are potentially three teams of dwarves, red, blue and green, competing to find the gold and exclude the other ‘good guys’! Plus obviously the saboteurs are still trying to wreck it for everybody. 
Saboteur 2 - Crispin lays his next card. Can you spot the 2 saboteurs?! Yes it is the wise one and the young one!
This was a lot of fun with all the normal abuse and false accusations we have come to know and love with this game. To be honest it took us a little while to get our heads around all the new cards, but we had lots of laughs as people successfully or otherwise used the new Action and Path cards and I am absolutely sure that this will get more outings over the summer, particularly if we get more large turnouts. I suspect that winning this game has become less important with the emphasis maybe as with The Great Dalmuti being very much on enjoying the journey.

More photo's from the evening can be seen here.
If you would like to try some of the games talked about on this blog come along to our next event at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough on Sunday 27th May starting at 7.30pm - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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