Games in a pub - 27th May 2012

Two in a car and three in a pub!

As Martin and I sped home across the motorway network from the 2012 UK Games Expo in Birmingham the guys back in Crowborough met at the Blue Anchor.

Oliver kindly wrote up the following note and provided the photo’s – thank you.

Just Robin, Simon and myself - as luck would have it, the fates conspired to ensure that the other two were both delayed so I sat with a table full of games and no one to play them for the first 20 minutes or so. One older couple came by in that time and expressed an interest so I explained that I was waiting for the others to turn up, and it's a fortnightly event, maybe we'll see them next time. But sadly they weren't willing to have a go with me in the meantime.
Trans Europa - The game board and components
Once the gang of 3 was all present, we ummed and ahhed for a minute or so but eventually picked out Trans Europa to get us going. I got a very lucky set of cards for the first and third round (the third round, as pictured, I had Dublin and Glasgow, combined with Sofia and Bucharest, the finishing position - I was red), which is why the other two look rather glum in the picture and I thought there might have been other reasons! On the second round I was miles behind the others, but my advantage from the first round was insurmountable given the luck I had on the third go. It was a nice, light way to open the evening.

Trans Europa - The players unhappy because they lost to Oliver or possibly because they hadn't made it to the UK Games Expo!!!!!
Simon, as promised, had brought Dominion: Intrigue and we gave that a shot next, I forget what the card set we used was called but it was quite aggressive, with two powerful attack cards (Swindler and Saboteur, I think) and no defences. Somehow, Simon was repeatedly the victim of curses (and no one else was), receiving a handful via the Swindlers' evil machinations on behalf of Robin and me, and this made the difference in the end: he had 4 of these "-1" victory point cards in the count-up, and he and Robin finished on 30 victory points each when everything was accounted for; I held... 34. We agreed that it was a good game, but perhaps not as much fun with that set as we had found the original Dominion to be.
Dominion Intrigue - The players playing Simon's birthday present
[Edit – We have also had bad experiences with two many attack cards! We now tend to avoid playing a game of Dominion in either of its forms with more than one. It is a shame that Simon’s first outing may have disappointed. There are some excellent cards in the Intrigue expansion and interesting attack cards]

I think we agreed that maybe playing a more balanced or less aggressive set in future would be better. The complexity of the new cards rules also became a factor, eating up the evening quite quickly.
Hey! That's My Fish - The board, penguins and players
After that we decided we had enough time for something quick and simple to end the evening, and had a couple of goes of Hey, That's My Fish! Robin had not played before but it's very simple to explain and only took a couple of minutes to get going. We remarked again on the difficulty of distinguishing the green and blue penguins [Edit- Poor lighting in the pub being a factor I suspect] but with only three of us, that wasn't an issue. We got through two games of it in the end, I won the first one, but Robin proved to be the victor by a narrow margin in the final round of the evening and therefore went home as champion. With penguins being isolated and stranded right, left and centre, the term "fiendish" was used several times through the two rounds of Hey That's My Fish! but I think as a cheerful way to end the evening it did the job admirably.

More photo's of the evening can be seen here.

Our next event at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough is in two weeks time on Sunday 10th June starting at 7.00pm (Please note the return to the normal start time) - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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