UK Games Expo 2012 - Some Of The Games

Games That Caught My Eye 

These are not games I played but rather based on what I have read and seen ones I thought followers of this blog might find of interest. They are in no particular order:

Agricola – All Creatures Big and Small 
UK Games Expo - The demonstration copy of Agricola All Creatures Big & Small being played
This is a two player version of the now classic game Agricola and brings a new dimension in offering a far greater focus on animal husbandry and by the looks of it animal meeples as part if the base game rather than white cubes representing sheep, brown cows etc and I am sure I saw it at £20. At this price it seems very reasonably priced.

Zoom Zoom Ka-Boom!
Zoom Zoom Kaboom - Andy Hopwood (the designer bottom right) demonstrating his latest game
As explained elsewhere on my blog I didn’t get to play this one but saw it being played by Chris and Nigel late on Friday night and if you like race games and don’t mind a chaotic push your luck dice rolling game with a nice wooden board this limited addition game could be for you. Pleasingly for Andy Hopwood its designer it also won the award for best Board Game.

Rory’s Story Cubes - Now available in three versions Original, Actions and Voyages.
Rory's Story Cubes and box
These sets of 9 cubes each side with a unique image make an excellent tool in creating ideas for stories. Small enough to easily fit in a pocket or handbag they also make an excellent non technology based way of distracting bored children at meal tables. They also happened to win the award for Best Family Game.

I found out later that at 7am on Sunday my wife was playing the iPhone version of this with the wide awake 8 year old who had clambered into her bed!

Kabeleo the box and playing pieces
Kabeleo is an 5 player abstract game of bluff that uses high quality coloured cones in 6 different colours. Half the cones are laid out on the table and players are then secretly allocated one of the colours. The aim is to cover other players’ cones and expose your own so that at the end of the game you are the player with the most coloured cones visible.

Chronicles of Skin 
Chronicles of Skin

Chronicles of Skin is described as a “doodling story telling game” where players use a combination of cards to develop the story whilst recording it on what looks like a piece of old parchment. A game that will appeal more to those who like narrative based RPG’s and games like Aye, Dark Overlord and Braggart.

Teletterpy the game board and cards

Teletterpy is a word game with a square board where you move around the outside. A combination that is not uncommon in games available on the high street and would normally be of VERY little interest to me, however this game was rated VERY highly by Nigel of Imagination Gaming and played by a number of visitors to the Family Zone, so gains an inclusion in this list.

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