Match Report - 13th August 2012

Saboteurs get their shovels out, plus time for the foxes to chase those chickens!

The request was for simple games as Crispin had exhausted himself during the Olympics. Not that he competed, nor was one of the brilliant GameMakers. No he was one of the many who made an Olympian effort of TV watching, with full use of the red button, so understandably needed as with the other great athletes a period of rest and recuperation!

This is being a little unfair (surely not I hear you cry) as we too had become obsessed with keeping up to date with the latest twists and turns of TeamGB plus the other great feats performed by athletes from around the world and it all seemed a little strange to find that morning that suddenly it was all over.

Eventually we moved from discussions to playing games.

Saboteur - The players
With the popularity of Saboteur and Saboteur 2 on our last two meetings and with a request for nothing to taxing the decision was easy. In the first game tiredness, alcohol, age or the magical powers of the green team ensured that I laid a Green door on the path when in fact I was a Blue dwarf. This ensured that the two Blue dwarves (Natalie being the other one) were the only Dwarves not to gain any gold in the first found. Natalie was really quiet understanding of the situation. She didn’t call into question my intelligence, ability or call me an idiot – or at least if she did I have forgotten such unwarranted abuse.
Saboteur - The Green team of dwarves got to the gold, sadly I was on the Blue team
Onto the second round and this time I was a Green dwarf (remember in this game all the players identities are concealed till the end of the game) and somehow managed to be on the team that found the gold and so received some gold at the end of the round.

Now for the final round and still Natalie hadn’t really abused me for my failings in the first round or at least NOT MUCH! (in all fairness I cannot begin to explain why I laid the green door – maybe I need a holiday!).

On this occasion I was a Blue dwarf and things were going OK, until Ruth struck, playing a character change card on me. My new character was a Saboteur and having seen on the two previous rounds how badly they had done when it came to the allocation of gold I headed of to the clinic for another character change and drew the Geologist. Yippee there were already four gems on the path and this boded well for my scoring when the dwarves eventually found the gold.
Saboteur - Looks like the Saboteurs have inflicted a rockfall
They eventually did find the gold after finding another gem (shame) on the way resulting in me being awarded 5 gold at the end of the round. After deductions (one of my light fingered fellow dwarves pinched one of the gold pieces) I was left with 7. Strangely the same as Natalie putting us as joint winners – she hadn’t done so badly after all.

Next came some lovely munchies – Chocolate (deliciously moist by very rich) brownies from Natalie and delightful Ginger cookies from Daniella.
Munchie Time
With time running short as we had digressed for yet more conversation, this time around children and technology, we moved onto Hick Hack were the meat eating foxes and in particular my furry friends enabled me to win this excellent little game.
Hick Hack - The game components
More photo's from the evening can be seen here.

If you would like to try some of the games talked about on this blog come along to our next events at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough will be on Sunday 19th August and 2nd September starting at 7.00pm - £1 per head. More details can be seen on our Facebook Page Social Gamers - Crowborough

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