Match Report 10th September 2012

Hello again to some old favourites

With the summer holidays over, teenagers back to school and the end a wonderful summer of Olympics it was back to games night on Mondays.
Saboteur - The tunnel complex in one of the games. We eventually find the gold
With a guest appearance from Ian (brother-in-law now living in the West Country) who is always a keen saboteur it was the obvious game to go for. Bizarrely he once again, entirely randomly, was one of the saboteurs in 2 of the 3 rounds. A fun role but with Saboteur 2 even more difficult to win at. After much tunnel digging victory eventually went to Crispin, helped in part by the normal interplay between Ian and I which saw both of us (instead of my elderly and increasingly rich friend) being robbed by our fellow dwarves.

Saboteur - Some of the players
Time for some early munchies and Natalie continues to demonstrate her superb baking skills with on this occasion mini Victoria sponges.
Munchies - Mini Victoria Sponge cakes
Back to the games and the group was keen to give another old favourite a run out – Bohnanza. The only game where you can legitimately answer the question “what would you give me for a stinkey?”with “a blackeye!” Less helpful was Crispin’s response of “a slap”, however unsurprisingly it raised chuckles around the table. This is a game we were all familiar with and have played many times so perhaps no great surprise that when the gold was counted that a mere 4 points separated the winner (Liza) from the bottom placed looser – yes that was me!
Bohnanza - The players
With 20 mins to go till closing time (i.e. Gwen throwing our guests out and turning the lights off) there was just time for another game we have not played in ages – Straw. This is another game that Ian has built an enviable reputation at, resulting in those with longer memories trying to swap seats so they were not sat next to the master of this game. It was a little like the Tom & Jerry cartoons where you see the characters diving out of the windows in an effort to get away from what ever bad thing is about to happen. Sadly with age (hee hee) and / or lack of practice, his skills were a little dulled, allowing Gwen and I both to amass impressive point scores (80 points as we entered the final round). Sadly for me my better half won despite the handicap of being seated next to Ian!
Straw - The players
More photo's from the evening can be seen here.

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