Match Report 6th June 2011

An evening of horses and tax collection

League of Six (Age 12+, 3-5 players 60+ minutes playing time)
League of Six - the players
Just back from three days of Gaming at the UK Games Expo working with Imagination Gaming playing lots of great family games with lots of lovely strangers but it was good to be home with my own group. At Gwen’s suggestion our evening group of (Crispin, Malcolm, Gwen and Natalie) went for League of Six. This is a tax collecting games set in medieval Germany where each player is trying to juggle a number of variables (guards, horses, taxes etc) to rise highest in the favour of King Sigismund.

League of Six - The main board
This is a clever game (from the makers of Galaxy Trucker and Dungeon Lords) with an unusual game board, nice artwork and a game that plays without too much downtime. In the end Malcolm triumphed; Gwen tried a very different approach to points scoring in the hope that it would deliver a big score at the end of the game but League of Six does not work like her favourite – Stone Age.

League of Six - A lone horse, we called him Dobbin
Natalie and I struggled to get the balance of decision making right and so frequently found ourselves (not at the same time) with the slowest horse (Dobbin) for our tax collecting wagon. He inevitably returned to the capital city last and so allowed our fellow tax collectors to determine how our public extortions were distributed thus benefitting them and leaving us with little opportunity to rise in the favour of Sigmusund. Crispin also struggled with this game, maybe because of his gammy leg and maybe because of a sense of guilt that he hadn’t made cakes that afternoon!!!
A photo with wine and coffee but no Munchies!
No Munchies!

An interesting game with depth but drier than our normal fair.


  1. Game night is always fun- especially when wine is involved! I would like to try League of Six at one of the events I am hosting at my party. Where could I find it? I usually have anything from board games, to card games to even a Spinning Wheel with small prizes. Thanks for your help!

  2. Try either or both are good outfits. It is an interesting game with depth and I love the medieval tax collecting theme.

    If you are looking for games with a bit if depth then the same designer has just released ‘Last Will’ a game with a Victorian theme were the winner is the player who can go bankrupt first. It is another nice game and my review of it is here

    Happy Gaming