Games in a Pub - 26th June 2011

Bohnanza - The end of a game and counting the points
More people and more games

It may not have been the largest group we have yet seen (there were 10 of us including my wife and I) but in so many ways it was an evening that was a milestone. It seemed to me that the things of particular note were:

1. That 8 very different people that were not regulars in the pub or indeed passing strangers came together to play games

2. Two people travelled all the way from Horsham.

3. Two others had never played any of these games before.

4. There were nearly as many women (4) as men (6) with an age range from 18 to 60, highlighting the breadth of appeal to modern games once people give them a try.
Dominion - A player mid shuffle

5. In the space of three hours we played 6 very different games, with two of the more thoughtful games being won by the two people who had never played them before! There were no tears or arguments (this is no surprise to us as the games played are inclusive, and thankfully no spillages of drink either!

6. Again no surprise but everybody said what a great evening they had had.

Hopefully next time we will see some of the same faces and maybe some of their friends.

If you are interested then the games played were:

· Hick Hack (a silly but fun game about farm poultry trying to eat grain, and foxes trying to eat said poultry),

· Dominion ( a cracking deck building game on a vaguely medieval theme),

· Bohnanza (a classic game about Bean farming that encourages lots of interaction between the players),

· Straw (a popular card game about trying not to break the camel’s back) and lastly,

· Saboteur (a mining game were some of the players are good and others bad but nobody is quite sure who is who).

Our next Social Games evening is on 10th July at the Blue Anchor, Crowborough from 7pm. More details can be found here
Saboteur - Spot who are the good guys/girls!

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  1. Kevin - many thanks for organizing the evening, it was good fun and we look forward to the next one :)