Games in a Pub - 12th June 2011

League of Six - The players
Ancient, medieval and renaissance games

Following more efforts to drum up interest I was not surprised to find that once again the take up was small. So it was great to have both Malcolm and Oliver join us for what turned out to be three historically themed games.

First up was Archaeology:The Card Game a card games themed on ancient Egypt that owed as much to Rummy as it did to the historical theme but was a fun light game that worked well as a starter.

Second was League of Six, a medieval tax collecting game, won by Malcolm although Oliver played a good game considering he was the only one who had never played this before.

The Patrician game board
Lastly was the Renaissance tower building game Patrician. Quiet a tactile game with lots of wooden pieces it has a relatively short playing time and seemed to fit well to the time we had left.

Interestingly as we finished for the evening we fell into conversation with a group who had come in for a late night drink who expressed interest in the games and enquired when the next games evening was. Who knows maybe we will see some new faces next time?!

Our Next evening will be 26th June 2011 anytime after 7pm.

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