UK Games Expo 2011

A summary with links to posts for various elements of my trip to the UK Games Expo

It seems strange to think that just a year ago I travelled to the UK Games Expo, my first games event knowing nobody and not really sure what to expect (last year’s impressions can be read here and here).

A year on I have attended Stabcon in Manchester (one of the regional UK board games shows), staying overnight with Tim whom I met at the Expo. With the help of Steve (another contact from last year’s UK Games Expo) I found Paul and his road trip to Essen; a trip with a group I had never met before which included sharing a room with a complete stranger for three nights. I am now, somehow, part (albeit a very small part) of the UK Gaming Media Network and probably most importantly am part of the Imagination Gaming team, working in schools, community centres and old people’s homes plus of course helping to run the Family Zone at this year’s UK Games Expo. Some year!

What follows is pretty unstructured but hopefully gives a sense of this year’s show; the people the games and why if you love playing games you should consider attending next year’s show:

Friday Day 1, Part 1 - Meeting up with the UK Gaming Media Network Team here with more images here

Friday Day 1, Part 2 - An opportunity to play the Dungeon Petz protype by CGE here with more images here

Saturday, Day 2 - Most of my day was spent in the Family Zone a review of which is here. This was followed by an interesting dinner and then more games here with more images here

Sunday, Day 3 - The final day plus links to many other views and reports here with more images here

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