UK Games Expo 2011 - Sunday, Day 3

The final day plus links to many other views and reports

This was a more relaxed day, still lots of people but not the crush of the day before. Nigel gave me time off for good behaviour and so I was able to take time to wander round the show and catch up with the likes of Paul and Dave at GamesLore (also part of the Essen road trip team and publishers of Braggart). I was also able to also touch base with Patrick (who I met on Friday) and the guys on the Existenz / x610z stand. As a prototype this is unlike most prototypes I have seen. There is obviously a lot of money behind it as the production quality is already stunning with artwork that makes heads turn. Sadly I have not yet had a chance to play the game, hopefully something that I will be able to remedy soon with their help.

Returning to the Imagination Gaming Family Zone we played many more games with lots of people and again these activities can be read about here.

All in all it had been a great show with lots to do for the children, from face painting to
seeing Daleks, Star Wars Storm troopers, costumed re-enactment people or were they from LARP plus obviously the opportunity to meet new people and play games at every corner. Roll on next year’s show.

When we left the show Gwen and I went back to our nephew’s house for the night. There was much chat about their first Games Show and what they had bought, and obviously we played one of their purchases – Ticket to Ride the Card Game. This game had never really appealed to me personally but in spite of the late hour and exhaustion we all really liked it, including me (I don't like train games).

Interesting to note that just 6 months ago they had only a couple of games and are now actively collecting them in their own right and have passed the 20 figure - good for them and good for the hobby.

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